Why God, Why?

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In our lives we often find ourselves at a crossroads.  In the past few years I have found myself at one such moment in my life.  As many of you may be aware, Kari and I have had great difficulty conceiving a child.  At first we assumed that this was probably merely a problem with timing.  As two logically minded people we began tracking our chances of getting pregnant.  After two years we grew very worried and so we began, as many couples do, to pursue medical reasons.  I was…read more

Who Am I…

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I love musicals.  One of my very favorites is Les Misérables which also has a beautifully written book.  There are so many characters within the story that touch my heart.  Recently it has been the protagonist of the story that has been touching me even more.  Here is a character who struggles with the decisions he has made only to be thrust into a life he never expected.  Of course by the end he comes to the realization that he would not have traded his life for anything. When I look…read more

The Unknown Life

The Unknown Life